Welcome to Carrollwood!

Carrollwood Cultural Center

Carrollwood Cultural Center

I am a local real estate agent who has worked and lived around Carrollwood and Lutz since 1981. I have watched Tampa Bay grow over the years and would love to share with you my local knowledge.

One highlight of Carrollwood is the Carrollwood Cultural Center. They have lots of activities; from art shows, lessons to performances. It’s a great place for folks in the community to gather and learn.

I would love show you around my area. After looking at homes, visit my favorite steakhouse Circles for an Asian blend type menu and see a real show at the Carrollwood Players Theatre.

Carrollwood is about a 20 minute commute to downtown Tampa and is close to local parks and lakes such as Lake Carrol. If you are into golf, you should check out the Carrollwood Country Club. They updated their clubhouse and also offer tennis and swimming.

If you have any questions or would like a personal tour of the area, please let me know.


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